Release – 21 May 2018


  1. Added toggle to only show Facebook Page posts by page author
  2. Expanded initial load of Directory
  3. Allow text to be selected in detail pages
  4. Bug fixes
  5. Style fixes



  • Facebook
    • Add toggle to view/hide posts other than from Facebook Page
  • Directory
    • Expanded list of users that are initially loaded
  • Others
    • Added text select (copy/paste) on detail pages


  • Polls
    • Allow Admin to see poll results regardless of poll setting
  • Giving Pro
    • Add menu item redirect for iOS
  • Journal
    • Fix exported journal title
  • Q&A
    • Fix for issue linking item in app
  • Events
    • Allow all Admins to message attendees
  • Friends
    • Remove disabled users from module
    • Fix issue with home card friend recommendations
  • Admin Tools
    • Allow removal of all home cover photos
  • Podcasts
    • Fix issue with squarespace podcast integration
  • Sermons
    • Restored photo viewer (pinch, zoom etc) on slides
  • Others
    • Fix for issue with photo upload orientation



We value your feedback, so if you have something to share then talk to us at or email  ivan[at]

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