Release – 17 April 2018


Due to recent changes to the Instagram API, we are no longer able to show public Instagram feeds and photos through the existing module settings.

Instagram now requires each account to create a developer account to be able to programmatically pull the account’s feed and photos. This account credential can then be passed into the Oikos app to pull the feed the way it did before. Don’t worry though, this is not your account’s username and password, but done through Access Token which we will also advice you to keep safe and not store in any public domains.

Our Instagram and Social Media modules have just been updated to accept Access Tokens. Because the changes were abrupt, we are still in the process of making a tool to help admins generate their account’s access token. In the mean time, admins will be able to get their access token either through a developer account or through third party tools. We will list below (3rd party) links to both.

Do remember to enter your access key into the module settings to enable the Instagram feed.


Developer Account – Get Access Token

Pixel Union – Access Key extraction tool


p.s. As we do not own any of the tools hosted externally, do exercise caution when using any external sites, apps or tools.


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Release – 13 April 2018


  1. Fix issues with creating accounts through Facebook
  2. Update analytics scripts
  3. Increased Photo resolution
  4. Fix csv downloads on Web
  5. Lots of other minor fixes (see below)



  • Facebook Logins
    • New accounts will now redirect back to app without issue
  • Notifications
    • Increased character limit in notifications list to 140 chars
  • Comments
    • Removed hint to post comments if comment posting is disabled
  • Analytics
    • Updated module analytics that were missing from previous update. We apologise for any count discrepancies caused by this.
  • Get Involved
    • Hide response button when RSVP disabled
  • Events
    • Hide response button for events that have ended
  • Reader
    • Added timestamps back into the reader articles
  • Sessions & Activities
    • Instantly update list page when new items created
  • Learning
    • Fix issue on home card pulling data
  • Admin Tools
    • Fixed issue on web for downloading CSV files (member management)
  • Cover Pages
    • Cover photos occasionally duplicated now removed


We value your feedback, so if you have something to share then talk to us at or email  ivan[at]

Release – 28 March 2018


  1. Lots of Bug fixes and tweaks, especially on Oikos 2.0
  2. Minor improvements



  • Admin Tools
    • Added search to module store
    • Permissions module list ordered alphabetically
  • Giving Pro
    • Added more confirmation dialogs


  • Learning Module
    • Loading issue
  • Giving Module
    • Redirect when user cancels redirect action
  • Facebook
    • Dates on iOS
  • Polls
    • Show poll description
  • Speaker
    • Background issue in speaker page
  • Profile
    • Issue removing phone number
  • Others
    • Removed invitation dialog max limit
    • Keyboard dismissal on iOS
    • Minor style fixes
    • Notification for comments on posts
    • Universal links (auto linking URL and emails)
    • Dropdown buttons on iOS
    • Disabled screen rotation
    • Restored clear search button


If you are on Oikos 2.0, you’ll notice that the updates now happen in the background. Minor updates now no longer will force the update screen upon launching the app.

We value your feedback, so if you have something to share then talk to us at or email  ivan[at]

Oikos 2.0

We’re excited to announce a collection of significant updates that our team has been working on over the past few months. This includes upgrades to security, speed, design as well as a slew of new features!

Most of these features will be rolled out to your app in the next few weeks. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Ivan Kow
Head of Product


New Features

Custom tabs

In addition to the standard “Home” and “Menu” tab, you can now add up to 3 custom tabs, highlighting the very best features on your app. You can also enable tab labels if you wish. If you enable custom tabs, your notification tab will move to the top-right corner of your home and menu screens.


Custom module icons

You can now change the icon of any installed module – simply choose from our collection of 12,000 icons, or upload your own.


Enhanced cover photos

You can now upload as many cover photos as you like, and users can swipe between them. Cover photos can also link to internal or external content.


New menu layout

We’ve rolled out a new “list style” menu layout. It works great with custom tabs.



Publisher accounts

You can now opt to have your apps published under your own Apple / Google developer accounts, i.e. your apps will appear to be published by “Your Organisation”, not Oikos. This is highly recommended, as it will help to insulate your app from upcoming changes in the App Store.


Custom Domains

You can now choose a custom domain for your webapp, e.g. “”, or “”. Users log-in directly to your app, with no Oikos or third-party branding.

Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 6.22.49 AM



Changes & Updates

Latest technology

We’ve re-written your app from scratch to use the latest web technologies. This boosts security and improves performance, especially on older devices. It also allows for faster iteration and feature development by our team, and trusted third party developers.


More datacenters

We’re expanding our global datacenter presence from 3 (Singapore, London, and New York) to 25 worldwide. This will make your app ultra fast, no matter where your users live.



Improved search

Search is now improved, returning up to 1000 relevant results for each query.


Clean design

Your app will be updated with design tweaks to keep your app fresh as well as increase usability. Our new design increases contrast on screens, employs typographical improvements and a renewed focus on UIX.



Simpler item options

The edit and delete buttons that were previously on the bottom right of the item page has now been tucked into the item option button. You can access these options by clicking on the triple dot “item menu” at the top right of your screen. Access controls are still in effect – so only people with permission to edit or delete the items will be able to do so.



90+ new languages

We’re professionally translating the platform into 25 new languages. You can also select from over 95 computer-translated languages, which you can tweak to suit your needs.


 Revamped store

We have changed the Oikos Module Store to help you navigate our growing number of modules and select the modules most relevant to your organisation. You will now be able to view the most popular modules, browse the entire store by categories and view added information tags.



Coming Soon

Desktop apps

All customers (even those on the shared Oikos app) will soon receive custom-branded Windows and Mac apps, free of charge.

Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 6.36.09 AM


Offline use

Offline support is being rolled out over the next few months. At first, your users will be able to read/watch/listen to content offline, with options to create/edit/delete offline coming later in the year.


Umbrella apps

If you run a large organisation, you might be interested in our new “Umbrella App” service, which allows you to publish multiple apps within one parent app. Each child app can still have its own admin, settings, and features.





When will these features be rolled out to my app?

You can already experience many of these features through your web app at Your iOS and Android apps will receive an upgrade at some point in March 2018 (for an exact date, contact


Do my users need to do anything?

Yes. Because this is a significant update, users will be prompted to update their apps from the iOS / Android store. If they do not wish to update immediately, they can continue to use their existing app until April 30th, after which they will be required to update.

Please note: many of our new features are not visible to users until they upgrade.


Are there any additional fees?

Most of our new features are available at no additional cost to our existing customers. Umbrella Apps and Custom Publisher Accounts require significant additional work, so for organisations that select these, additional fees may apply.


What should I be aware of?

In order to ensure the best experience for the majority of users, we have decided to end support for Android 4.x and iOS 8.x (and lower) devices. This represents approximately 1% of our global user base. While we regret that these users will no longer be able to use your iOS / Android native apps, this move allows us to provide the best experience for the majority 99%. Users on such devices will still be able to access app content through up-to-date web browsers and our new desktop apps.

In addition, please remember that many of our new features (e.g. custom tabs) will only appear to users after updating their apps.


Who can I contact for help?

Feel free to email us at

Release – 6 October, 2017


  1. Fix for editing Outbound Links
  2. Add Address Fields for Giving Pro (Beta)



  • Giving Pro
    • Add Address Fields to Giving Pro (optional, in Admin Tools)


  • Outbound Links
    • Restore ability to edit list of outbound links


We value your feedback, so if you have something to share then talk to us at or email  ivan[at]

Release – 31 August, 2017


  1. Fix for Journal Autosave issues
  2. Add Image Search in Chinese
  3. Minor Fixes



  • Image Search
    • Add ability to search for images in chinese
  • Journal
    • Fix for losing saved items when on slower network connections
  • Profile
    • Fix for overlapping items


We value your feedback, so if you have something to share then talk to us at or email  ivan[at]